• What can I locate with gps365 and what not?

    gps365 supports the location of cars, trucks and many other motorized vehicles, such as construction vehicles or forklifts. We have also equipped containers, trains and yachts with our system.

    The tracking of people, pets and bicycles is not supported.

  • Can I also use gps365 on the go (e.g. on my smartphone)?

    Of course! Our interface is optimized for use on a wide variety of end devices (smartphones, tablets and computers).

  • What advantages does gps365 offer me?

    Describing the many different uses of our system would definitely go beyond the scope.

    Generally speaking, gps365 gives you a better overview of your fleet and thus opens up numerous opportunities to save unnecessary costs and at the same time increase your productivity or the productivity of your employees. As a result, the investment in gps365 usually pays for itself after just a few months.

    In any case, the most common application is the automation of your logbook, which saves you unnecessary work and, above all, trouble with the tax office. In addition, we would be happy to advise you specifically on your company or your application.

  • Can I share my tracking devices with other users?

    The "gps365 PROFESSIONAL" tariff allows you to set up additional users, to which you can assign individual authorizations for individual devices.

    This makes it possible, for example, for your employees to independently make additions to their logbooks without having access to the live location, for example.

  • How up-to-date and accurate is the live location?

    Our tracking devices transmit your position every 5 seconds while driving. You can follow journeys using our tracking system in almost real time.

    The accuracy of the location depends largely on the satellite connection. With our OBD2 connectors, this can vary slightly depending on the position of the OBD2 socket in the vehicle. With the TR2000 built-in module, we usually achieve an accuracy of less than one meter.

  • How long will my data be stored?

    Your historical logbooks are kept for you at gps365 for a full 7 years!

  • What data export options are offered?

    You can export or download your logbooks in Excel and PDF format.

    Various interfaces are available for connecting to external systems, both for historical and for live data.

  • How long is the contract?

    We rely on 100% satisfactory solutions, instead of obligatory contracts. Therefore, you are not tied to gps365.

    We bill your tariff monthly in advance. If you cancel, you can use gps365 until the end of the current billing period, after which there will be no more billing.

  • What payment options are offered?

    You can conveniently pay us either by direct debit from an account in the SEPA payment area or by credit card.

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