tracking devices

The tracking device connects your vehicle to gps365. As soon as it is installed in your vehicle, it sends the position and status of your vehicle fully automatically to our redundant data center. In order to do justice to all applications, we have various locating devices on offer for you, which can basically be divided into two categories:

Simply flexible
OBD2 connector
Our Plug & Play tracking devices are simply plugged into the manufacturer­standardized OBD2 socket.
  • No installation necessary
  • For vehicles of all brands
  • plug & play
  • Small and handy
  • Ideal for live tracking and electronic logbook
only 207.50 EUR
(one time purchase)
Extremely versatile
built-in modules
These all-rounders are permanently installed in the vehicle and, thanks to flexible connection options, meet all requirements.
  • tamper proof
  • Automatic driver recognition
  • Additional functions such as power take-off, engine blockage, ...
  • Individual evaluations
  • Hidden installation
depending on the desired functionality
from only 332.50 EUR
(one time purchase)
All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT.
The trackers shown are icon images.


You determine the amount of your monthly fees yourself. With our diverse tariff models, we cover the needs of beginners as well as those of a professional fleet solution. All tariffs are incl. SIM card and data volume. Our services are also available without commitment, but the minimum term is 1 month.

  • log book
    Our low-cost basic tariff with logbook:
    • Electronic logbook accurate to 0.06 ‰
    • Private mode definable
    • Storage up to 7 years
    • Tax office compliant
    only 8.25 EUR
    (per month)
  • live
    Functions like "Logbook" and additionally:
    • Live tracking of your vehicle
    • Update every 5 seconds
    • Display of daily driving time & operating hours counter
    only 16.58 EUR
    (per month)
  • Complete
    Functions like "Live" and additionally:
    • Detailed route evaluation
    • Speed reporting
    • Presentation of the daily route
    only 18.17 EUR
    (per month)
  • professional
    Functions like "Complete" and additionally:
    • geofence features
    • Multiple users
    • System integration and individual functions
    • Eco Driving
    only 20.42 EUR
    (per month)
All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT.

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