Here are all available plans at a glance. Starting with attractive entry-level products, up to professional fleet solutions. All you need is your vehicle and our tracking hardware, the TR 1000. Prices for the hardware start at EUR 249.00. Available at Conrad and Forstinger.

gps365 Logbook gps365 Live gps365 Complete gps365 Professional
Automatic logbook
Mark private trips
Live tracking of your vehicle
Detailed route reports
Driving speed report
Geofence alarms
Multi-user support
Individual reports
Flexible interface
Free updates
Server located in Austria
Secure data transmission
Price per month (excl. Roaming) only 9.90 EUR only 19.90 EUR only 21.80 EUR only 24.50 EUR
Optional roaming package + 4.90 EUR + 4.90 EUR + 4.90 EUR + 4.90 EUR

All prices include the statutory value added tax.

The minimum contract duration is one month. After the expiration of the minimum contract duration, the contract will automatically be extended for another month. If you don't wish to extend your contract, you have to declare this in writing at least 7 days before the minimum contract duration expires. If the contract has been extended beyond the minimum contract duration, it may be terminated at any time in full compliance with a 14-day cancellation period.

As of: April 2014

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